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GetGayFunded brings crowdfunding to members and allies of the LGBT community. Our community is strong and passionate and it is this strength and passion that drives us at GetGayFunded. We are committed to delivering a premium crowdfunding platform custom tailored to the specific needs of the LGBT community. As "the" LGBT crowdfunding platform, we do not discriminate nor have biased views to those projects that we as a community support. We also embrace our community by harnessing the passion and entrepreneurial spirit that is found in each of us. Welcome to GetGayFunded.com

About Apps Genius Corp

Apps Genius Corp (OTCQB: APGS)(www.appsgenius.com) develops and operates a crowdfunding platform that powers GetFunded.com, a crowdfunding site devoted to the welfare of animals and GetGayFunded.com, a crowdfunding site devoted to the friends and family of the LGBT community. It also develops, markets, publishes, and distributes social games and software applications that consumers can use on a variety of platforms. The platforms include social networks, wireless devices such as cellular phones and smartphones, including the Apple iPhone™, and standalone websites. Our Entertainment Division focuses on leveraging the fan base of existing social media and entertainment brands to market apps and games developed.


Adam Kotkin
As a serial entrepreneur, my passion is to not just build on my own ideas, but to help others execute on their dreams as well. GetGayFunded enables masses of people in our community get their projects off the ground not just through funding but also through social marketing. I personally look forward to all the wonderful ideas and projects that will be launched through the help of the entire community.

Kurt Edwins
As an entrepreneur I know the difficulty of raising capital as well as the difficulties encountered when starting a small business. It is this understanding of business coupled with my media and marketing knowledge that makes me passionate about helping others successfully bring their ideas to life. When I combined my passion for helping others with my media and marketing experience, GetGayFunded came to life.

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