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Project Creator

Joshua MillerSacramento, CA


My name is Joshua Miller. I am a 26 year old gay male. I have worked in the Administrative and sales industry most of my life. I managed Dental offices and did their marketing, as well as worked in Real Estate and Financial Service most of my life. My dad is a dentist and that is how I got started in that field. My brother also followed in his footsteps and they both have a joint practice now. I moved away from my home town to Seattle when I Was 19, and then to San Francisco when I was 20. San Francisco is where I got into Real Estate and I then moved to Sacramento where I worked in Real Estate and Credit Repair for a few years. I later moved back to my home town when I was 23 and worked in retail for a short time, and then took an open position working for my dad again. That is where I really started getting motivated to organize his office and to get it running smoothly. I handled all of his administration and billing needs for the next few years and that is when I started getting into some other things on the side. In 2010 I got into affiliate marketing and light android development. I was curious as to how to build apps as I have always had an obsession with technology and always love to have the most up to date gear. I grew up in a town called San Luis Obispo and it is a smaller town where the gay community is somewhat different. The guys and girls intermingle a lot more often than in larger cities and everybody knows everybody. Well all of my lesbian friends would be envious if I was ever on Grindr or Adam4Adam and other similar apps chatting with some of my friends, and meeting new guys as well. After I got into affiliate marketing I was doing well but I knew that affiliate marketing comes and goes and is not a stable market to be in so I wanted to invest my money in something that would help me to create something that people would use, that would be a part of the community, and that would fill a need. Well it didn't take me long to find that there weren't any legitimate apps for Lesbians that were on the major phone factors. I decided to start investing in the development of a company at that time called "scissr". I had originally started with the idea of having a website and also a mobile platform. I launched "Scissr.org" in December of 2011 and had a mobile app for Android and iPhone. It wasn't easy to use and it required an extensive login process and the app thatI had invested in didn't allow you to join from the app due to a conflict with the platform. It got about 10,000 sign ups in 6 months without much advertising other than a Facebook page and a Twitter. Soon I got a notice in may that the name "Scissr" was too close to another company that was trying to do a similar thing. I looked into the company and they had not made very much progress and had not done any kind of reasonable promotions in social media. Then a few months later they were posting about wanting to hire developers which showed me they were not even in their infancy stages. At this point I had taken feedback from users and had already hired a team of developers to write our app from scratch in a mobile only interface. We designed it on a platform that allows us to deploy our app on iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, AND Blackberry. We have a fully functional Android version out and are about to release our iOS update that fixes all remaining bugs that we had in the app. Next we will be bringing our app to Windows and Blackberry mobiles.

About This Project

My name is Josh, I am a 26 year old gay male who has worked in affiliate marketing online for the past 2+ Years.  Ever since Grindr came out, I have heard my lesbian and bisexual female friends say that needed an App like Grindr just for Girls who like Girls.  I decided to start funding my own startup called LezFindr.  After launching in December 2011 with our first concept and alpha run, we quickly had over 10,000 sign ups.  In June we decided to do a complete redesign and have spent over $25,000 so far on development costs and a marketing budget.   We are close to completing our releases for the Android Marketplace and iOS Store and hope to soon be able to port LezFindr to the Windows Phone and Blackberry. 


We currently average about 100 new sign ups a day and as of the launch of this project, we have about 5700 members.  We are looking to fund $10,000 for this project, which we will use to boost our membership and create a better environment for all of LezFindr users.  Will this money, we also plan a strong presence at several Pride Celebrations throughout the US this year and to design and obtain lots of marketing materials, apparel, wristbands, and rent booth spaces.  We already have the core software developed and are doing our fine tuning process to make sure every function is working properly and also we are attempting to bring "backwards compatibility" to Android devices running on older operating systems that don't natively support all the features that LezFindr Requires.   We look forward to having a product that we all can enjoy using.  Thank you in advance for your support.  Your help will go a long way in getting LezFindr launched.



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